Production and schedule monitoring, QA & QC

Mekodexim will ensure that Buyer’s products stay on schedule and ship when Buyer needs it. We will be directly involved in production scheduling, ensuring that suppliers, sub-suppliers and production workers alike understand the urgency and timelines associated with Buyer’s product's completion schedule. Once the production process has begun, we will work closely with factory management to ensure that proper priority is placed on Buyer’s products. If problems do crop up during production, Mekodexim will work diligently to address the issues in a timely basis, proposing solutions and initiating actions to correct problems before they cause interruptions to supply.

Buyers do not have to experience the terrible feeling of wrong shipments to understand that It is critical to have “eyes, ears and boots on the ground” at all times to ensure product quality and reliability. Meanwhile Buyers make effort to keep the costing of products low, the cost of QA and QC is imperative and need to be factored in. Quality Assurance (QA) is process oriented and focuses on defect prevention, while Quality Control (QC) is product oriented and focuses on defect identification. High quality does not happen by accident. Any project that relies upon Quality being "inspected in" at the end of the production process is doomed to fail from the start. The money savings in getting it right before the components or products gets too far down the production line or shipped is enormous! Not just money savings in production time lost and remanufacturing but in the cost of replacement when the oversea buyer receives the goods and rejects the shipment or partial shipment. Other expense factors come into play when the ultimate consumer of the product has to return the merchandise or rejects future repeat purchases of the product. These unexpected costs are enormous as you can imagine. It is all preventable when Buyers have a reliable, trustworthy, professional QC/QA Team in place. Paying the cost of a QA and QC plan is the best insurance policy Buyers can take for their asset.  

Mekodexim will manage overall Product Quality Plan, proceeding both QA and QC in every stage of process. We find out and eliminate sources of quality problems, following Buyer's specifications, policies and procedures. We will conduct thorough inspections and manage process control at the factory level. Buyer’s orders are closely monitored from sampling to shipment. Status on sampling, production and shipment are transmitted to Buyer regularly. When problems do arise, we will dig into the root causes and propose solutions that will minimize delivery interruptions. Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance Team are responsible for testing and observing Buyer’s products for defects before they leave the Vietnam factory and long before they reach the secondary stages of production or finishing or packaging to minimize any cost and delay may arise. We maintain a pro-active approach towards identification of problem areas and corrective measures are taken immediately to ensure timely deliveries. Having us to manage the Purchase Order Oversight ensures no surprises when Buyer opens the container or shipment of goods.

Our quality monitoring system pertaining to production process has five stages as explained below:

>>Pre Production Check (PPC): Risks are reduced by checking material components, accessories, prototype samples, etc., before mass production.

>> Initial Production Check (IPC): First finished products are checked against buyer's specification and prototype sample. Deviations are identified and brought out for correction.

>> During Production Inspections (DUPRO): Inspections during production are carried out to check and verify that the initial discrepancies have been rectified and to ensure the average quality standard of production runs.

>> Final Random Inspection (FRI): Final random inspection is carried out when the total consignment is packed and ready for shipment. FRI is performed according to the International Inspection Standards. The detailed physical inspection of the samples selected at random is based on specifications of the Buyers and it cover the criteria such as design / style, accessories, appearance, markings, color, labeling, material, assortments, workmanship, measurements, packing etc.

>> Container Stuffing and Loading Supervision: An identification of the goods during the loading is made to ensure that only the inspected goods are being stuffed without getting mixed up with the un-inspected goods. We will closely monitor the loading process, verify product quantity, and ensure proper handling of the cargo. Upon completion, the container(s) will be sealed.

Laboratory Testing: We assist suppliers in having products tested in International Verified Laboratory under the norms and standards requested by Buyers.

Reports: Status reports based on the multi-state inspections are transmitted to the Buyer by email. Production progress is analyzed in relation to the delivery terms and suitable course of action is taken to ensure goods are delivered on time. The consignment is allowed for shipment if only it is up to the Buyer’s required standards.