Our commitment

We operate with our Buyers’ best interest at heart, look to drive the best possible value in Buyers’ supply chain. Our goal is to become an extension of Buyers own operations at a lower cost and higher efficiency. The core principle is transparent, uncompromised and exclusively independent from suppliers. We share all supplier information with Buyers with total transparency. Long-term relationship is built on trust and reliability. All interactions with suppliers are documented and are available to be audited at any time. We get paid for the outstanding values we bring to Buyers. We never accept commission fees from suppliers. As sourcing/ buying Agent, we are obliged to source the best manufacturers, not promote any factory. We work exclusively for benefits of Buyers with no preferred relationship with any of suppliers. Under the instructions from Buyer, we use our best efforts to seek the best settlement for Buyer of claims against manufacturers and/or suppliers. We entirely focus on achieving our Buyers' objectives and improving their procurement performance.

We recognize that the lowest cost purchase is not necessarily the highest value purchase. Organizations that focus exclusively on the bottom line often lose focus of the other important needs that contribute in total value. Our objective on all sourcing initiatives is to help our Buyers obtain the best overall total-cost and quality of services with existing or new suppliers.

Buyers will have a supplying network set up and run efficiently and sustainably at minimized cost; no longer be worry about wrong shipments, misunderstanding claims that usually lead to stress, waste of time, and disruption in business; will be compensated adequately for any breach from suppliers. Our services are direct to bring clients to access original source of supplies which result in more transparent control over production and quality, and thus more reliable outcome.

Mekodexim is committed to develop close ties with our esteemed Buyers through personalized services, cooperation, and assistance, which translate into the highest standards in quality, delivery time, and value. Our hands-on and versatile management approach allows us to monitor all the processes, from pre-assessments to shipping, and after-sale assurance in order to address and comply with all of our Buyers’ needs and expectations.