Ceramic & terracotta

CERAMICVietnam’s ceramic and terracotta production has history of thousands years with nearly 20 traditional making villages, having 1000 workshops and factories. The sector exports 90% of its products to many countries, with annual revenue of $400-500 million. Vietnam has many sources of high-quality minerals for producing glaze and colors for ceramic and terracotta products. There are 123 kaolin mines with 640 million tons of reserves, 184 red-clay mines with 1.13 billion tons of reserves, 39 white-clay mines with 53 million tons of reserves, 13 quartz-clay and 20 quartz sand mines with total reserves of 2.13 billion tons, and 25 dolomite mines with 800 million tons of reserves. Abundant resources together with high skill labors, long history of development and technology improvements, Vietnam ceramic and terracotta sector has gained its reputation in the world market. The product range is diversified, from dinnerware, kitchen condiments, bathroom, decoration, outdoor and indoor vases, planters, sculptures, to materials for construction.