Agricultural products

AGRICULTURALVietnam agricultural exports have experienced a significant growth over past 10 years. Vietnam is currently the second biggest rice exporters in the world after Thailand, with 6-7 million ton shipped abroad per year. Vietnam has exported corn, fruit and vegetable to nearly 100 countries and territories. Vietnam agricultural products have been going through high technical barriers to penetrate in the strict markets like Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, EU and US. There are more than 100 processing plants of fruit and vegetable throughout the country with a combined capacity of 300,000 ton per year. The number is forecasted to continuously increase in next years. The plantation area of fruits and vegetables is estimated at 1,650 hectares throughout the country, in which vegetables account for 850,000 hectares with an output of 14.5 million tones and fruit more than 800,000 hectares with an output of 7.5 million tones. The well-known exported fruits and vegetables are fresh dragon fruit, pomelo, mango, lychee, rambutan, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, processed pineapple, lychee, corn, carrot and fried jackfruit, potato, banana. Besides, flowers like rose and carnation will be more and more demanded from oversea. The export of agricultural products is expected to be booming next years after Vietnam achieves more bilateral as well as multilateral agreement on agricultural trading, following up successful application of GlobalGap and VietGap production practices by Vietnamese farmers.